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    We offer a vehicle wrapping service. So, whether you are just looking to give your car a lift with a fresh colour, or to really make your car unique and stand out from the crowd, a wrap is for you.

    Our specially trained installers strive to make your wrap appear “painted” only using the highest quality products from the industry leading manufacturers.

    We’re passionate about quality and our eye for detail ensures your wrap will stay looking fresh for years to come.  

    We have a range of hundreds of different vinyls varying in finish and texture so get in touch and we can advise you on the best products that suit your needs.


    You can really change the look of your car with a partial wrap for a fraction of the cost of a full wrap. By wrapping your roof, bonnet or wing mirrors, with a different colour to the rest of your vehicle, it can give your car a whole new look and add a touch of individuality so your car can stand out from the crowd.


    We can apply any one of our hundreds of vinyls to the interior trims inside your vehicle, as long as the trim is a hard smooth surface we can transform it by wrapping it. If your trims are looking old and worn out or if you want to cover up dated faux wood trims we have the solution for you. Finishes include, carbon fibre, brushed steel, piano black, velvet look, leather look and many more.


    A popular service we offer is to wrap exterior chrome trims such as front grills and window surrounds etc. The most popular option is to turn these gloss black to replicate what some of the modern vehicle manufactures have started to do from the factory on certain models but this can be done in any colour or finish you want. The benefit of wrapping these trims is the process is totally reversible so the vehicle can be put back to standard form if the need arises.


    We offer a full design, manufacture and installation service of commercial vehicle graphics. We can provide your company vehicle with that bespoke graphics package that best suits your needs and will help you promote your business. Whether you have a single vehicle or a large fleet, from cars to vans to trucks Ace Tints can complete the process smoothly and efficiently minimizing vehicle down time.


    We can provide you with  bespoke vinyl graphics made on our in house vinyl cutting machine, whether it simply be vinyl logo’s or bonnet stripes or a more complex design spanning the whole side of your vehicle Ace Tints can work with designs supplied by you helping you bring your ideas to reality.


    Paint Protection Film is a designed to protect your car from stone chips, scratches, abrasion and UV exposure. Here at Ace Tints we have access to hundreds of pre cut kits which perfectly fit your vehicle ensuring no need to cut the material on your vehicle. Our Paint Protection films are,

    Self – Healing – should your film get scratched or swirl marked it can regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water.

    Ultra – Clear – Our Paint Protection Films are to designed to be optically clear so not to alter the appearance of your vehicle.

    Chipping Resistant – Resist the impact of everyday road use with our Paint Protection Films.